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Danny Brassell – Profile

Danny Brassell – Profile

Tired of meetings that could have been memos? Danny Brassell offers teacher training that is fun, dynamic, and effective. Learn how to improve students’ reading attitudes and aptitudes with Brassell’s guidance.

Who is Danny Brassell?

Teacher, author, trainer, student, media veteran, and servant: all of these are roles that define Danny Brassell.
His number one passion in life is education—specifically reading and literacy. Dr. Brassell spent 18 years teaching at California State University, guiding beginning teachers in their education program. During his time with the university, he taught classes on educational theory, reading, and second language acquisition. However, he was best known for his dynamic televised courses.

His ability to capture an audience is unique, and something he has chosen to put to work helping people beyond the lecture hall. Since 2005, Dr. Brassell has been leading seminars on how to make reading come alive for students—and how to enjoy the process as an educator. Offering in-service programs, lectures, and retreats, he has risen through the ranks to become America’s leading reading ambassador.

How is Danny Brassell Impacting the World of Education?

Dr. Brassell has brought his guidance to schools across the country and around the world. The guidance he offers is more than just an engaging presentation—though his presentations will revolutionize your in-service sessions.

In addition to his talks, he will sit down with your teachers and other stakeholders at your school to gather a deep understanding of the issues your school faces and make recommendations to help elevate your students as readers.

Dr. Brassell’s methods have proven effective in a wide variety of environments. From elite private institutions to underfunded schools in urban and rural areas, Dr. Brassell is consistently making a difference.

Top 3 Things to Know About Danny Brassell

  1. He is always sharing tips and tricks for getting children to read. While his books and programs are worth the money, you can also learn a lot for free just by following Dr. Brassell. Among the tips he has shared are how to select the right book for your child, how to motivate a resistant reader, and how to spread the joy of reading.
  2. Sometimes, you just need an inspirational quote to get you motivated before working with the kids. Dr. Brassell shares quotes every day that are designed to help you connect passion and purpose with reading.
  3. His high-quality lectures are often shared online. While there is nothing like working with him in person, his videos and clips will get your gears moving and help you find new ways to work with your students.

How to Follow Danny Brassell

  • His Website: Here you can learn more about him and the programs he offers.
  • Facebook: Dr. Brassell uses his Facebook page to share quotes and links to articles and resources.
  • YouTube: Check out his YouTube channel to see some of his presentations he has published online.
  • LinkedIn: Connect with him professionally and learn more about his journey in education.