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Marcus Jackson – Profile

Marcus Jackson – Profile

Motivating kids to reach their potential is Marcus Jackson’s specialty.  Now he shares his gift with others, inspiring educators and parents alike to take advantage of the power they have to “turn on the light” for children.

Who is Marcus Jackson?

Starting his career as a teacher, Dr. Jackson moved into school leadership and worked as a principal for many years at elementary, middle and high school levels.  As a teacher, Dr. Jackson also worked as a coach, connecting with students even more.  To further his knowledge and skills, he completed a doctorate program specializing in educational leadership and administration at Nova Southeastern University.  Dr. Jackson’s successful career in education led him to begin sharing his knowledge as a speaker and consultant.  He has recently opened his own consulting company, Jackson Educational Consultants.

To achieve his mission of reaching as many parents, students and educators as possible, he has also authored several children’s books. Focusing on themes such as self-esteem and practical advice for children to succeed through stories, Dr. Jackson’s books are exciting and inspiring reads.

Throughout his career, Dr. Jackson has also created and supported mentorship programs for at-risk students.  He has seen the success of many students as a result of these programs who are now university students or beginning their own businesses.

How is Marcus Jackson Impacting the World of Education?

Making teachers aware of their incredible potential to motivate and inspire students to believe in themselves, which Dr. Jackson believes is the key to success, is one of Dr. Jackson’s main goals not only as a speaker but in his life.  His authenticity and personal investment in this mission set him apart from other professionals who are more interested in their careers.

Dr. Jackson’s first-hand experience with students, especially in transforming at-risk youth has set a new precedent for those working in similar conditions to follow.  His focus on relationships with students and the teacher’s ability to change a student’s path by lighting their inner motivation has excited teachers to renew their efforts and reevaluate their teaching methods.

Top 3 Things to Know About Marcus Jackson:

  1. Jackson’s children’s books are great for classroom discussion or to suggest to parents looking to inspire their children. They are especially helpful because they include characters children can identify with.
  2. Jackson’s specialty in inspiration is with boys. For teachers struggling to connect with boys in their classroom, Dr. Jackson can provide numerous tips and tricks for improving your connection with them and their motivation.
  3. It’s in the statistics. Jackson’s success as a leader can be seen in improvement of school test scores.  In his work as the principal at Kendrick Middle School, he improved boy’s reading scores by 32 percent and math scores by 27 percent. This after only one year!

How To Follow Marcus Jackson:

Facebook:  See what Dr. Jackson is thinking and doing. He often posts his thoughts or links to articles of interest.

Linkedin:  See more details about his professional career and connect with him or his consulting business.

Website – Read article that he wrote and also find out about his speaking and consulting services.

Check out the books he’s authored here.