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Principal Kafele – Profile

Principal Kafele – Profile

Looking for a splash of inspiration and passion for transforming school climate and student attitudes?  Principal Kafele is an award winning educator turned speaker an author generating change in schools across the country.

Who is Principal Kafele?

A former teacher and principal, Baruti Kafele now runs his own consulting company.  His work in New Jersey as a highly effective teacher and then principal got national attention.  He is particularly well-known for his work at Newark Tech high school.  The high-school was very low-performing, but with Kafele’s leadership led the school to be ranked by the U.S. News and World Report Magazine as one of America’s best high schools.

Apart from his impressive career in education, Principal Kafele has shared his knowledge and advice in seven books including some national best sellers such as Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School and in Life, Closing the Attitude Gap and his most recent book, The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence.  He now leads workshops in schools on a wide variety of topics including school climate, leadership and student attitude improvement.

Principal Kafele’s passion that has shown throughout his career is his concern for black male students and other at-risk groups.  He has a strong belief that attitude is the key to changing outcomes and has made it his mission to communicate with parents, educators and students directly in order to change the future.

How is Principal Kafele Impacting the World of Education?

Through his example, Principal Kafele has set a new standard for principals everywhere.  His revolutionary, no-nonsense, yet practical way of approaching at-risk schools and learners has provided food for thought for educators across the nation.

Principal Kafele addresses what he calls the “attitude gap”, meaning that there’s a gap between some students who have motivation to succeed while others do not.  He has used this point as a base to transform education in his career, and now helps others achieve this goal as well.  His wide and extensive experience in the field has made him effective in addressing attitude and excellence at all levels- from classroom teaching through management and parent communication, Baruti Kafele inspires excellence and high performance for all involved in education.

In his workshops, Principal Kafele addresses topics such as “school brand” “attitude transformation in at risk students” “intentional excellence” “parental and community engagement” to name a few.

Top 3 things to know about Principal Kafele:

  1. He has a wealth of videos useful for a variety of audiences. From messages to young people to teachers and aspiring principals, he has good sound advice and food for thought for everyone in the world of education.
  2. Principal Kafele exudes energy! He inspires educators to become more than they are.  If you’re feeling tired and burnt-out, Principal Kafele can revive you and your school.
  3. Apart from his fantastic books which are great resources, he provides detailed lists, articles and sincere messages for educators, students and parents on his website, challenging all of us in our journeys.

How to follow Principal Kafele:

His website: Principal Kafele’s website is chock full of videos, resources and also information on how to contact him directly

Facebook: Principal Kafele is an avid facebooker and posts about what interests him, and also provides useful links to resources and information

Youtube: Principal Kafele has quite a few different channels geered towards different audiences.  Take a look here to find the channel that’s right for you.

Linkedin: Obtain some additional information and take a more professional look at Principal Kafele.