Digital Age Teaching and Learning

Project: "Signs of Courage" 

Class-eBook---CoverProject Title & Product URL – “Signs of Courage

Teachers: Mike McQueen & Kelsey Wright

Public Product – eBook Design Challenge using Google Slides

Project Description – A group of 8 students in 2nd-4th grade self-selected & read their own informational books that related to our “Courage” unit. Throughout the week they collaborated in teams of 2 or 3 and applied what they learned by creating their own eBooks (using Google Slides). We then combined them all into a class eBook. Watch the videos on the “Introduction Page” to learn more.

Curriculum Unit: Courage

Common Core Standard:
RI.3.6 – Distinguish their own point of view from that of the author of a text.

ISTE Student Standards:
1. Creativity and innovation
2. Communication & collaboration

ISTE Teacher Standards:
1. Facilitate & Inspire student learning & creativity
2. Model digital age work & learning

Driving Question: How do authors inspire others to be courageous?

Duration of Project: 5 Days (about 7 total hours)